Man Left Dumbfounded After Learning Proper Use For Slot On His Car’s Fuel Tank

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Have you watched the “I was today years old” videos on social media where people discover usage of things that were right there but they didn’t know why?. Well, TikTok is one such platform where people find out more things about their everyday items, and recently, this one man made a great discovery.

A video, that has now gone viral on social media, shows TikTok user Justin making a surprising discovery about the fuel cap on his car after “38 years on this Earth.” 

In the video captioned: “How did I not know this?”, Justin was seen removing the fuel cap on his car, as if he was about to refuel it. He points towards a ‘slot’ on the door and hangs the cap on it, saying that “38 years on this earth and I just learned this.” 

The video has more than one million views, and many other users were also as shocked as Justin upon the discovery. 

One commented: “30 years and I just learned because of your video. Thanks bro.”

Another said: “I’ll be back in a second, I have to check something.”  

However, there were some who weren’t that impressed and wrote things like, “I learned this when I was 6.” 

Another TikTok user named Jimmy duetted Justin’s video and said, “No flipping way”, before rushing to his own car to discover that he too has this slot.

This is not the first time that car hack video have gone viral on social media. An account by the name Driving Test Success post several car hack videos on their account – like tricks for de-icing your car within seconds. 

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