I Love You,I Hate You Sad Story

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“Over here,”Ms. Burden look this way,” “Alyssa Burden is it true that you made out with Michael Byers,” “smile Ms. Burden”. mm

“I hate walking the red carpet,” I say as I walk toward my personal maid which is at the end of the red carpet.”What i always wished to walk it, but sadly my wish will never become reality,” My personal maid Maria. mm

Now as you know my name is Alyssa Burden daughter of William Burden and Jessica Burden the king and queen of Kingston. Which means that must be the happiest girl in the world and have a bunch of friends right? Well the truth is my parents only had me and my sister so someone could take over the kingdom, and ignore me most days. They are never home, so l am actually really lonely because everyone usually only want to be my friends to gain fame or something like that. mm

I actually suffer from depression. No one knows because no one cares. I highly doubt they’d care if I die. Anyways today is the Grammies and my parents were invited for some reason I guess that’s a privilege of being kind and queen. And a bunch of another stuff that i dont care about. mm

I also have a twin sister, but she doesn’t even care about me. I mean after all she is the favorite. Ever since I was little l was always the uglier twin. I hated.. I hate it. Now Let’s go back ten years. mm

I love you, I hate you.

Alyssa’s P.O.V
I wake up because someone has pulled the curtains opens. It’s probably Maria the maid. I thought. “Wakey wakey,” Maria says and walks into my closet.mm

I sit up on my bed, and look around my room. My parents asked if I wanted a room like Isabella’s, but i said no because her room is too girly. mm

Plus I like the decoration for my room simple and lsa’s room decor isn’t simple. Maria comes out of my closet with clothes in her hands. mm

“These are your clothes for today Aly,” she says while setting my clothes down on the seat near my window. I stand up and walk over to the clothes she picked out, and inspect it. “Maria this a dress and I hate dresses,”

I complain.” Your mother told me to pick a dress out today for you now stop complaining and get in the shower,” she says while shooing me away. mm

For a seven year old I really am picky with my clothes. After I take a shower I change into the clothes she picked out. Honestly don’t hate it, but I don’t like it either. mm

I walk towards the dinning room which is on the other side of the palace. When I get there no one has started eating probably wait for me. “Good morning” says my dad to me. “Good morning father” I reply.mm

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