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Q: – What is a tissue?

A: –A tissue is a group of cells which are essentially of the same kind and of same origin and performing similarly function.

Q: -What is Simple Tissue?

A: –Simple tissues called homogenous tissues. A simple tissue may be defined as a group of similar cells that perform a common function.

Q: – What is a complex tissue?

A: –A group of different types of cells performing same function is known as complex tissue.

Q: -What is Aerenchyma?

A: –Parenchyma having large air spaces is known as aerenchym. It is found in hydrophytes and it gives buoyancy to plant.

Q: -What is Chlorenchyma?

A: –Parenchyma with large amount of chloroplast is known as chlorenchyma. It is found in mesophyll of leaf and helps in photosynthesis.

Q: -What is Prosenchyma?

A: –Parenchymatous cell becoming long and tapper at both ends, without intercellular space is known as prosenchyma. It helps in mechanical support.

3rd Semester Botany Notes PDF Free 2022-Download Here

Download Here

3rd Semester Botany Notes PDF Free 2022-Download Here

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