Google Doodle pays tribute to Angelo Moriondo, the ‘godfather’ of espresso machines

Google remembered Angelo Moriondo — the father of espresso machines – with an animated doodle on June 6. The Google Doodle showed coffee pouring into cups from a machine.

In a perfect nod to Moriondo on his birth anniversary, the Google Doodle was painted wholly with coffee.

Moriondo was born in Turin in Italy in 1851 to a family of innovative entrepreneurs. His grandfather founded a liquor company, which he eventually passed on to his father. Moriondo’s father later established a chocolate brand — “Moriondo and Gariglio” – along with his brother and cousin.

Inspired by his family, Moriondo also embarked on an entrepreneurial journey. He bought a hotel and a bar in Turin city.

At that time, coffee was popular in Italy but customers had to wait a long time for it to brew. So, Moriondo thought that if he could make several cups of coffee at once, he would have an edge over his competitors.

“The machine consisted of a large boiler that pushed heated water through a bed of coffee grounds, with a second boiler producing steam that would flash the bed of coffee and complete the brew,” Google wrote in a not accompanying the doodle.

In the following years, Moriondo continued to make improvements to his invention. He managed to get a patent for the first-known espresso machine.“Happy 171st birthday, Angelo Moriondo,” Google wrote. “Today, coffee lovers sip in tribute to the godfather of espresso machines.”

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