Muslims around the world are happy with this decision of Saudi Arabia

Muslims around the world are happy with this decision of Saudi Arabia

There is good news for those going to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah. Now permission has been given for Umrah in Saudi Arabia on any type of visa. This decision of the Saudi Arabian government will give relief to a large number of pilgrims.

There is good news for those going to Saudi Arabia for religious travel. The Saudi government has announced that now people can go to Saudi on any visa and perform Umrah. A Saudi government official said that whether one has come from a tourist visa or a business visa, now all types of visas have been allowed to perform Umrah. Let us tell you that earlier, special visa had to be taken for Umrah, whose time was of one month.

The purpose of this decision of Saudi Arabia is to make 30 million people Umrah every year, taking forward the ‘Saudi Mission 2030’. However, if one wants to perform Umrah, he has to first book an appointment through the Eatmarna app. The Saudi 2030 Vision is a development plan of the government designed to diversify the country’s oil-dependent economy.

What Is Umrah

Umrah is a kind of religious pilgrimage, which is slightly different from Hajj but anyone can do it. The duration of this journey is only 15 days. The most important thing is that when Hajj is performed in Saudi, then Umrah cannot be performed at that time. Umrah is performed only except on the days of Hajj. During the days of Umrah, travelers spend about eight days in Mecca and seven days in Medina and complete the tasks according to religion.

What is the difference between Hajj and Umrah?

Hajj and Umrah are both forms of Islamic pilgrimage but the method of performing them is slightly different. Hajj is an obligation on a Muslim. That is, if a person believes in Islam, then he has to perform Hajj once in his life.

Most of the people go for Haj only at the last stage of their age, but according to the rules, Haj becomes obligatory on the boy or girl as soon as they attain the age of majority. However, for Hajj, a person should be physically, mentally and financially strong. Also, after performing Hajj in the country from which he is going to Saudi, he has the capacity to bear the cost of coming back to his country.

That’s why Umrah is different from Hajj

On the other hand, if we talk about Umrah, then it is slightly different from Hajj. The special thing is that it is not a duty in Islam but a Sunnah. That is, it is necessary for a Muslim to go to Hajj, but going to Umrah depends on his own desire and status. If he is capable enough that he can go to Saudi Arabia from his country and bear the cost of Umrah, then he can go for Umrah.

In a way, Muslim people go to Umrah to refresh their faith and apologize to God. It is said in Islam that by performing Umrah, a Muslim’s sins are washed away and he returns to his home after being clean.

If a Muslim cannot bear the cost of Umrah, then it is not obligatory for him to do it. Hajj has to be performed only within certain days but for Umrah it can be performed in any other month. In such a situation, the decision taken by the Saudi government will make the process of Umrah much easier and a large number of people from India will reach for Umrah.

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