New Notice From IGNOU| Bad News For Many Students

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New Notice From IGNOU| Bad News For Many Students


As approved by the Academic Council in its 78th meeting held on 13th
June, 2022 vide Agenda Item No. 18, the following mechanism will be adopted
for transfer of credits from the old BDP courses to the new CBCs based

Since the Foundation Courses of old BDP have no parallel courses in the CBCS based programmes, NO credit will be granted for these courses.
The credit for Elective Courses of old BDP will be granted to Core/Discipline Specific/Generic Courses, as the case may be, and those for Application Oriented Courses to equivalent Enhancement Courses of CBCS General and Honours degree programmes subject to applicable rules. However, the standards of Honours degree programmes will also be kept in mind while allowing such credit transfers.
The Schools will provide the updated Mapping Scheme containing mapping of the old BDP courses with CBCS courses to SRD from time to time.
The existing rules for credit transfer fee, change of course fee (based on credits) etc. will be followed in case of credit transfer for the Bachelor degree general programmes for CBCS also.
Students would be allowed to re-register simultaneously for left over courses, subject to maximum of 22 credits in a given semester or 44 credits in a given year as the case may be, by remitting the applicable fee. Students would NOT be allowed to opt for more than the credits mentioned above under any circumstances. However, they would be required to pay credit transfer/course change fee of the left-over courses ONLY after confirmation of the fresh admission under the new enrolment number.
The students would be allowed to change the course(s) registered for the 1st and 2nd semesters under new Enrolment No. against the left- over courses of the subsequent semesters subject to a maximum of 22 credits in a semester or 44 credits in a year as the case may be.
The students can apply for change of courses in one go only within six months of start of the session and the same would be permitted in the 1st year only, provided the left-over courses do not exceed 44 credits. If the left-over courses exceed 44 credits, then the students would apply for change of course when they register for the 2nd year courses under the new enrolment by remitting the prescribed fee for change of course as per existing rules.
Students will be required to complete 132 credits incuding the courses allowed under credit transfer, for award of bachelor degree under the new enrolment.
Students would be required to spend a minimum of one year duration to complete the left-over courses in the new enrolment number provided the courses do not exceed 44 credits. If the left-over courses exceed 44 credits, the duration for completion of the programme would be extended further accordingly.
If the dates of counselling and/or practical classes clash due to merging of the left-over courses of any semester/year, students would be required to apply for repeat/ missed practical(s) to the Regional Director concerned in the next cycle/session as per University rules.
As is the current practice, all internal credit transfer cases would be directly handled by SRD along with cases for registration of left-over If required, SRD may forward the case to the School concerned to examine the admissibility of credit transfer or otherwise.

This is issued with the approval of the competent authority.

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