Crazy love: Girl failed in exam, her fiancee set school on fire

Crazy love: Girl failed in exam, her fiancee set school on fire

Love is the most unpredictable thing in this world. It can make people do the best and the worst things. But there are times when love makes you put your hand on things that are outrageous to say the least. This is such a case that will blow your senses.

A girl’s boyfriend loved her so much that when she failed the school examination, he felt so bad that he set the school on fire. Actually, this incident is from Egypt.

 According to the media reports in this case, a couple was in a relationship for a long time and the boy used to love his girlfriend very much.

The young man was arrested in Menoufia province, north of Cairo, after investigations into a school fire in the nearby province of Gharbia found he had started it, according to a report.

The 21-year-old is currently in police custody. He reportedly burnt down the school’s control room after he learnt his fiancee, a pupil there, would fail this year.

A prosecutors’ statement said no one was injured or killed in the blaze.

After the arrest, the suspect told police that he feared his wedding would be postponed because his fiancee would probably have to repeat the school year.

The man will remain in detention until the case is referred to the relevant court.

Although the blaze was quickly contained by firefighters, it caused significant damage to the school principal’s office and the main administration unit.

 Some pupils’ records were destroyed, the prosecution statement said.

After allegedly setting the control room on fire, the young man was said to have fled the scene to hide out in his home village.

 But witnesses of the fire, who told police they had previously seen him in the area, described his appearance in detail and informed authorities of where he lived.

Social media commentary on the incident has largely involved disbelief that the suspect allegedly went to such great lengths so his wedding could go ahead.

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