Kashmir’s Special Status Is Not Coming Back, Says GN Azad At Rally

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Kashmir’s Special Status Is Not Coming Back, Says GN Azad At Rally

Srinagar: Previous Congress pioneer Ghulam Nabi Azad, who is set to send off his own political outfit, on Sunday said Article 370 of the constitution, which conceded more noteworthy independence to Jammu and Kashmir and was disavowed a long time back by the BJP government at the middle, can’t be reestablished.
In his most memorable public gathering in North Kashmir’s Baramulla, Mr. Azad designated local gatherings for “misdirecting individuals” by promising them to push for the reclamation of Article 370.

“Ghulam Nabi Azad won’t delude anybody. For votes, I won’t delude and take advantage of you. Kindly don’t rake up issues that can’t be accomplished. 370 can’t be reestablished. It needs 66% greater part in parliament,” said Mr. Azad in a blazing discourse.

Kashmir’s Special Status

Kashmir's Special Status

He said the Congress is “going down” with each political decision and there is no party in India that can get a greater part in parliament and reestablish Article 370.

The previous Congress pioneer said he will send off his party in Jammu and Kashmir inside the following 10 days to “battle governmental issues of abuse and lie”.

“The governmental issues of double-dealing have prompted the killing of one lakh individuals in Kashmir. It has stranded five lakh kids and caused a huge interruption,” said Mr. Azad.

Kashmir’s Special Status

He said he has come to Jammu and Kashmir “to battle against the double-dealing and misrepresentation regardless of whether it harms his political possibilities”.

Mr. Azad’s position is in conflict with most territorial gatherings in Jammu and Kashmir, including the Congress, which has marked a settlement to lobby for the rebuilding of Article 370 – which conceded unique powers to the state.

“It’s one more misdirection to incite individuals for disturbance and wreck them. So lengthy Azad is alive, I will battle against the lie. You should kill me assuming that you need quiet this thought,” said Mr. Azad.

The veteran legislator, who left the Congress last month, guaranteed individuals that he will rather battle for what’s reachable, which he says is rebuilding of statehood, and security of occupations and land for the inhabitants of Jammu and Kashmir.

Kashmir’s Special Status

“I won’t raise emotive mottos for winning seats. We should battle for the rebuilding of statehood. For this there is no requirement for a sacred change,” said Mr. Azad.

He likewise designated his previous party, saying that it was just Congress protesters known as the G-23, which he was a piece of, who had stood in opposition to the progressions to Kashmir’s status in parliament.

Kashmir’s Special Status

He said whenever statehood is re-established, the state government can make regulations for the security of occupations and land for the occupants of Jammu and Kashmir and these two issues needn’t bother with the endorsement of parliament.

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