Pakistan won by 7 wkts – 1st Semi-Final

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Pakistan won by 7 wkts – 1st Semi-Final

18.5 Santner to Masood, byes, 3 runs, sharp turn off a good length, goes right through the gate and beats everyone!

18.4 Santner to Mohammad Haris, 1 run, tossed up outside off, lands on a length and turns away, and Haris slaps it through to sweeper cover

Priyanshu Poddar: “A win here for Pakistan will make sure we get another two-time WT20 champions alongside West Indies.”

18.3 Santner to Masood, 1 run, makes room and slaps it from middle stump through the covers

18.2 Santner to Mohammad Haris, 1 run, reverse-swept in the air, Sodhi dives forward for a low catch but can’t hold on! Not sure if it carried. Even if it did, was a very difficult chance

18.1 Santner to Mohammad Haris, no run, plenty of air on this from Santner, tosses it up outside off, and finds enough purchase to beat Haris’s premeditated paddle-sweep

Mitchell Santner [3.0-0-23-0] is back into the attack

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