Bad News For Smokers! You Won’t Be Able To Buy Loose Cigarettes Soon, Why See Quickly

Bad News For Smokers! You Won’t Be Able To Buy Loose Cigarettes Soon,Why See Quickly

Bad News For Smokers: If you are a smoker and you prefer buying loose cigarettes, then this news is for you. The government is planning to ban the sale of single cigarettes to curb the consumption of tobacco products. According to reports, the Standing Committee of Parliament has recommended a ban on selling single cigarettes to control tobacco usage.


The committee feels that the sale of loose cigarettes is affecting the tobacco control campaign. The committee has also suggested getting rid of smoking zones in all the airports.

According to the WHO guidelines, the government of India should impose 75% GST on tobacco products. According to the latest tax slabs, a 22% GST is levied on bidis, 53% on cigarettes and 64% on smokeless tobacco in the country. The standing committee has taken note that despite adding GST, there has not been much increase in tax on tobacco products.

In India every year around 3.5 lakh people die due to smoking. In India, smoking in public places is already banned. There can be a fine of up to Rs 200 for breaking the rule. The government has also banned the advertisement of tobacco products.

Top Tobacco Brands In India

  1. ITC Ltd. The company ITC was founded in 1910, and in 2022 it will be the biggest name in the tobacco industry. …
  2. Godfrey Phillips. This company was founded in 1936, and it originated in London, England, in 1844. …
  3. VST Industries.

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