7th Pay Commission Big Update: Very good news for central employees

7th Pay Commission Big Update: Very good news for central employees

7th Pay Commission Big Update: Another good news is going to be received for the central employees. Because recently dearness allowance has been increased to all Kenny employees and pensioners, after which all central employees are very happy and once again a big increase in the salary of all central employees can be seen. In this article, 7th Pay Commission Big Update will be told.

Tell that the salary of the employee is not always increased by the central government. At present, recently there was opposition to 4 percent which has passed as dearness allowance. Which was earlier 38% dearness allowance which increased to 42%. Again it is being seen in the social media and news that an increase of 4% can be made. Means now all central employees can get 46% dearness allowance.

Has not been officially announced yet. According to sources, it is being told that it can be announced by July. So you all have to wait till July. This type of good news is always seen by the government. And the government wants to keep all the employees happy so that they do good work. And the family of these people should not face any shortage of money.

7th pay commission big update

Salaries of central employees are given by the central government. Last month, the salary of central employees was increased by 4 percent, which has increased to 42 percent. And after this four percent increase, the effect of several crores of rupees is being seen on the central government thousands. Because even one percent increase is done, then several crores of rupees are consumed in a month.

But four percent Cauvery has been done, so a big impact will be seen, then again the increase of 4 percent will be done again. So annual consumption of thousands of crores can be seen. In this way, semen is being used in the salary of all central employees. And those who are retired pensioners are also getting an increase in dearness allowance. That’s why everyone wants to do central government jobs. But not everyone can get a government job, everyone tries.

At present, the Lok Sabha elections are going to be held in the coming year. And in view of this, the government wants all the employees of the central government to work well and work diligently. That’s why the salary has been increased. Now if there is an increase of 4% then 46% will be given as dearness allowance. Which is the highest salary all the employees can get till date.

When will the salary of central employees be increased?

It has not been announced yet when the salary of central employees will be revised. Presently dearness allowance is being increased. This time there has been an increase, there is talk of increasing it for the second time. It is being told in the news video that in the coming month of July, the dearness allowance will be increased again by 4%, which will increase to 46%. But it has not been announced when the salary will be increased.

But due to increase in dearness allowance, salary also increases. That’s why all of you may have to wait for a few more days for the increase in salary. After which it will be announced by the government that how much percent salary is being increased.

When will the 8th Pay Commission be formed?

The information about when the 8 Pay Commission will be formed has not been given yet. According to sources, it is being told that the Eighth Pay Commission can be constituted in the coming year. That’s why you all have to wait now. Because until the formation is not done by the government, then one has to wait.

It has come to be known through the media that it may be introduced in the Parliament after the coming Lok Sabha elections. For the formation of 8th pay commission and after that it will take 2 years. In appointing it, only after that all the employees can be given salary through the 8th Pay Commission. Nothing has been officially announced yet. That’s why whatever things are being told, it is being told according to the media reports.

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