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About Kashmir Student News – Check Now

About Kashmir Student News – Check Now


In the beautiful region of Jammu and Kashmir lies a digital oasis for students seeking news, jobs, and career guidance – Kashmir Student News. Founded in 2021 by Mudasir Majeed, this online educational portal has become a go-to platform for students, offering comprehensive updates and valuable insights into the world of education and employment. This article delves deeper into the significance of Kashmir Student News and its impact on the lives of students in the region.

Kashmir Student News

1. The Birth of Kashmir Student News

Kashmir Student News was established in 2021 with the vision of bridging the information gap that often plagues students in Jammu and Kashmir. Mudasir Majeed, the brain behind the venture, aimed to create a single platform that would cater to the educational needs of students and provide them with crucial career guidance.

2. The Team of Content Writers -Kashmir Student News

Behind the success of Kashmir Student News stands a dedicated team of over 10+ content writers. These skilled individuals work relentlessly to offer regular and reliable updates on education, job opportunities, and current events in the region. Their commitment to accuracy and timely coverage has earned the portal the trust of its readers.

3. The Strength of Accurate and Timely Coverage

One of the cornerstones of Kashmir Student News’ reputation is its commitment to delivering accurate and timely news related to education and employment. With a rigorous fact-checking process, the portal ensures that students receive authentic and reliable information.

4. Connecting Students with Opportunities – Kashmir Student News

Kashmir Student News goes beyond just delivering news. It actively bridges the gap between students and job opportunities by providing career guidance and connecting aspiring individuals with potential employers. This unique approach has transformed it into a valuable resource for students looking to kickstart their careers.

5. Features of Kashmir Student News

Let’s highlight some of the key features of Kashmir Student News:

– News and Updates:

The portal offers comprehensive coverage of education-related news, job openings, and career guidance in Jammu and Kashmir. Students can rely on the platform to stay informed about crucial developments in their academic and professional spheres.

– Accurate Reporting:

The commitment to accuracy sets Kashmir Student News apart. With a reputation for reliability, readers trust the portal to provide them with credible and precise information.

– Connecting Talent and Opportunities:

Kashmir Student News serves as a bridge, connecting talented students with job opportunities and career prospects. It acts as a catalyst in shaping the future of the region’s youth.


In conclusion, Kashmir Student News has emerged as a transformative force in the educational landscape of Jammu and Kashmir. With its unwavering dedication to providing reliable and timely information, it has earned the trust of students and educators alike. By empowering students with knowledge and connecting them with potential careers, Kashmir Student News is playing a crucial role in shaping the future of the region’s youth.

FAQs Kashmir Student News

  • Is Kashmir Student News exclusive to Jammu and Kashmir students?
  • Yes, Kashmir Student News primarily focuses on catering to the educational needs of students in the Jammu and Kashmir region.
  • Who owns Kashmir Student News?
  • Kashmir Student News is owned by Mudasir Majeed, who founded the online educational portal in 2021.
  • Can I rely on the information provided by Kashmir Student News?
  • Absolutely! The portal prides itself on accurate and reliable reporting, ensuring that readers receive authentic information.
  • Are there any subscription fees for using Kashmir Student News?
  • No, Kashmir Student News is a free resource available to all students in Jammu and Kashmir.
  • How can Kashmir Student News help me in my career journey?
  • Kashmir Student News can provide you with valuable insights, updates, and connections to potential employers, enhancing your career prospects in the region.

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