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Welcome to Kashmir Student News (KSN), your ultimate source of educational support and information in the beautiful region of Jammu & Kashmir. We are proud to be officially recognized by the Government of India’s Ministry of MSME as an educational support service, and our registration number UDYAM-JK-03-0001745 stands as a testament to our commitment.

Government Recognition and Registration

Kashmir Student News is not just another online platform. We have earned the trust and recognition of the Indian Government. Our recognition by the Ministry of MSME is a result of our dedication to empowering students with knowledge and resources to shape a brighter future for themselves.

One-Stop Destination for Students

At Kashmir Student News, we understand the challenges faced by students in the region. That’s why we have created a one-stop destination that caters to all their academic needs and beyond. Whether you are a school student, a college-goer, or a young professional seeking guidance, we have something valuable for everyone.

Academic Help and Career Advice

We believe that education is the key to success, and we are committed to helping students achieve their academic goals. From study tips and exam preparation strategies to academic writing guidance, our resources are designed to enhance your learning experience.

But our commitment doesn’t end with academics alone. We provide career advice and insights into various fields, helping students make informed decisions about their future endeavors.

Keeping Students Informed

In the fast-paced world we live in, staying informed is crucial. Kashmir Student News acts as a reliable source of information on diverse topics, including education, technology, business, sports, and more. We keep our readers updated with the latest happenings to broaden their horizons and foster a curious mind.

The Founder & CEO

Mudasir Majeed, the driving force behind Kashmir Student News, is the Founder & CEO. With an unwavering passion for education and a deep-rooted love for the region, he envisioned a platform that would transform the educational landscape in Jammu & Kashmir.

The Dedicated Team

Behind every successful endeavor, there’s a dedicated team. At KSN, we have a team of 10+ members, each contributing their unique expertise to achieve our mission. From content writers who craft engaging articles to editors who ensure quality, and from developers who maintain the platform to social media managers who connect with our audience – each member plays a vital role.

Commitment to Educational Welfare

Our commitment extends beyond our platform. Kashmir Student News takes responsibility for all the information we disseminate from third-party sources seriously. We ensure the utmost courtesy and accuracy in handling the data while providing students with reliable and trustworthy content.

Contact Mr. Mudasir Majeed on Instagram regarding Website improvements/suggestions/complaints.

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