Jammu & Kashmir Weather Update for Upcoming days (April 18-27)

Jammu & Kashmir Weather Update for Upcoming days (April 18-27)

Current Conditions:
The weather across Jammu and Kashmir is marked by generally cloudy skies with light rain over many parts of North and South Kashmir and scattered areas of the Jammu Division.

– April 18-19: Expect generally cloudy conditions with light to moderate rain in most areas, with the possibility of light snowfall in higher reaches. Thunder and lightning are also expected until late evening or night on the 19th.
– April 20: Anticipate light rain in scattered places.
– April 21-25: Generally dry weather is forecasted, although isolated thunderstorms cannot be ruled out.
– April 26-27: Cloudy skies with light rain and thunder are expected in many areas.

– Farmers: Resume farm operations after April 21.
– Transportation: Temporary disruptions are possible in surface transportation, especially in higher reaches on April 19.
– Water Logging: Expect temporary waterlogging in low-lying areas.
– Safety Precautions: The general public is advised to avoid venturing near streams, Nallahs, and other water bodies for the next 2-3 days.
– Natural Hazards: There’s a possibility of landslides, mudslides, and shooting stones in vulnerable areas during April 18-19.

Meteorological Sentiments:
As the region braces for varied weather patterns in the coming days, staying informed and taking necessary precautions is crucial for ensuring safety and minimizing disruptions.

Stay tuned for further updates and stay safe!

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