JKBOSE Announcements: Important Updates and Notifications

JKBOSE Announcements: Important Updates and Notifications

The Jammu and Kashmir State Board of School Education (JKBOSE) has recently released a series of notifications and updates aimed at ensuring smooth functioning and transparency within the education system. Here’s a roundup of the latest announcements:

1. Correction in Registered Particulars: A notification has been issued regarding the correction of registered particulars of candidates for Class 9th (RR Session 2023-25), highlighting the board’s commitment to accuracy in student records.

2. Short Term Quotation Notices: Two short-term quotation notices have been issued, one for providing IT/computer-related items and another for the servicing of DG Genset 250 KVA, indicating the board’s focus on maintaining and upgrading its infrastructure.

3. Circular for Government Higher Secondary Schools: A circular has been released for Government Higher Secondary/High schools in both Hard Zone and Soft Zone areas of Jammu Division, including Leh District of Ladakh UT, emphasizing uniform guidelines and standards across regions.

4. Re-Evaluation Result Gazettes: The results of re-evaluation for D.E.ED Annual Examination (2022), D.EL.ED 2nd Year Annual 2019-21 Private, and D.EL.ED 1st Year Annual 2021-23 Private have been gazetted, showcasing the board’s commitment to fairness and transparency in the examination process.

5. Institutional Zoning Changes: Notification has been issued regarding the de-notification of some institutions from Hard Zone areas and their inclusion in Soft Zone areas from the academic session 2024-2025, demonstrating the board’s adaptability to changing educational landscapes.

These announcements underscore JKBOSE’s dedication to maintaining high standards of education, efficient administration, and equitable opportunities for students across Jammu and Kashmir. Stay tuned for further updates and developments from JKBOSE as they continue to strive for excellence in education.

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