Government of Jammu and Kashmir Issues New Policy for College Faculty Pursuing Part-Time Ph.D

Government of Jammu and Kashmir Issues New Policy for College Faculty Pursuing Part-Time Ph.D

Government of  Jammu and Kashmir Issues New Policy for College Faculty Pursuing Part-Time Ph.D.

The Government of  Jammu and Kashmir’s Higher Education Department has announced a new policy to provide structured support for college faculty members interested in pursuing part-time Ph.D. programs. This initiative aims to balance the faculty’s professional and academic responsibilities while enabling them to further their research qualifications.

Key Highlights of the Policy:

Annual Notification and Application Process:
The Director of Colleges, J&K, will issue a notification every March 1st, inviting applications from faculty members desiring to pursue part-time Ph.D. programs.

Application Requirements:
Interested faculty members must apply through their respective college principals, including a detailed statement of purpose outlining their research area, motivation, and potential impact on teaching and departmental duties.
A tentative plan for managing workload and balancing academic and professional commitments must be provided, endorsed by the college principal.

Assessment and Approval Committee:
A committee, including the Director of Colleges, J&K, and two nodal principals, will evaluate the applications based on the potential impact on teaching and institutional responsibilities. Recommendations will be made according to seniority, adhering to specific guidelines:
Registration for Ph.D. programs must be from UGC-recognized universities within one year of permission.
Only 10% of assistant professors/associate professors in each subject can register for part-time research annually.
Research must be conducted outside regular working hours and during holidays or vacations.

Leave and Research Conditions:
Faculty members can avail various types of leave, including extraordinary leave and leave without pay, as required by their research supervisors, up to six months. A tentative leave schedule must be submitted when applying for leave.
Part-time research in science is restricted to those who can certify they will conduct experimental work or field studies at their current posting location.
Faculty must commit to serving the department for at least five years post-completion of their Ph.D. program.

Review of Prior Work and Recommendations:
The committee will also review cases of faculty members who have completed coursework or residency before joining the department and recommend suitable candidates who have completed their probation period or have at least two years of service for conversion into part-time Ph.D. status.

This policy marks a significant step in fostering an environment of continuous learning and professional development among college faculty members in  Jammu and Kashmir, ensuring they can pursue advanced research without compromising their teaching commitments.

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