Aarifeen School of Excellence: Hosting a Noteworthy Newsletter Release Event with Eminent Guests

Aarifeen School of Excellence: Hosting a Noteworthy Newsletter Release Event with Eminent Guests

Baramulla, November 6th: The Aarifeen School of Excellence (ASE) in Baramulla organized a spectacular event on Monday to celebrate the release of its school newsletter, graced by a distinguished panel of guests and renowned educators.

Aarifeen School of Excellence

The Grand Gathering – Aarifeen School of Excellence

The event took place in the school’s main hall and welcomed esteemed figures from the District Institute of Education and Training (DIET) in Sopore and the broader educational community.

Chief Guest: Principal DIET Sopore

The event was graced by Principal DIET Sopore, Mr. Vijay Kumar Sharma, who served as the chief guest and honored the occasion with his presence.

Distinguished Guests – Aarifeen School of Excellence

In addition to Mr. Vijay Kumar Sharma, the event also saw the presence of District Liaison Officer and DIET Coordinator, Mr. Masroor Ahmad Saraf, and RP Toy Pedagogy, ADNO Toycathon, Mr. Meetpal Singh, who added an aura of prestige to the proceedings.

Parent Association’s Active Role – Aarifeen School of Excellence

Members of the ASE Parent Association played an active and vital role in ensuring the success of this event.

A Word from ASE’s Curriculum Coordinator

In her welcoming address, ASE’s Curriculum Coordinator, Aafreen Farooq, emphasized the school’s unwavering commitment to sharing students’ achievements, school-related information, and updates with parents. This commitment is achieved through various communication channels, with the school newsletter being a significant part of it.

Masroor Ahmad Saraf’s Praise

Mr. Masroor Ahmad Saraf, the DIET Coordinator, lauded ASE for its rapid ascent to prominence since its establishment in 2018. He commended the school’s vision and mission, asserting that it has swiftly become one of the premier educational institutions in North Kashmir. Saraf also congratulated the ASE newsletter team and extended his best wishes for the school’s continued success.

Embracing Education and Ethics

During his address, Mr. Meetpal Singh expressed that ASE’s vision resonates with the idea that education leads to ethics, and ethics leads to excellence. He found this perspective enlightening and stressed the importance of certain prerequisites for any educational institution, such as a peaceful environment and coexistence with biodiversity—both of which are prominently present at the Aarifeen School of Excellence in Baramulla.

Committed to the National Framework

Mr. Meetpal Singh highlighted the school’s early stages and its alignment with the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) and the National Education Policy (NEP) of 2020. He emphasized the importance of ensuring a child’s well-being, effective communication, engaged learning, and preparing them for the future.

“I am pleased to discover that ASE is already adhering to NCF and NEP 2020, ensuring that students are well-equipped for the future,” Meetpal Singh remarked during his address.

A Promise of Collaboration

Ensuring further collaboration, Principal Sharma pledged to involve ASE educators in various teacher training programs, aligning with the school’s vision and enhancing the quality of education.

Principal Sharma’s Perspective

Principal DIET Shri Vijay Kumar Sharma, the chief guest, highlighted the school’s motto: Education, Ethics, and Excellence. He expressed his observation that ASE exemplifies these values in practice.

Shri Vijay Kumar Sharma underscored the government’s commitment to activity-based learning, which ASE has already implemented. He emphasized the need to bridge the gap between government and private schools, highlighting the paramount importance of prioritizing education.

He affirmed that education shapes individuals into discerning human beings capable of distinguishing between right and wrong, love and care. He commended ASE for following these guiding principles.

“Ethics are essential, and it’s imperative to respect every other human being, our environment, and everybody around us. These values ought to be taught to the students,” he added.

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