First Time DRS System for Local Cricket Matches in Kashmir

First Time DRS System for Local Cricket Matches in Kashmir

Mudasir Majeed

Hathlangoo Premier League (HPL) is a popular cricket league in North Kashmir where all big cricketing stars of the valley participate. It is played at the Habba Sahib Stadium in Hathlangoo Sopore, which is known for its scenic beauty and state-of-the-art facilities.

The Revolutionary Introduction of DRS System

In a major development, the organizing body of HPL has introduced the Decision Review System (DRS) for the first time in the history of Kashmiri cricket. This state-of-the-art technology will be available during local matches in Kashmir, making HPL the first local tournament to use it.

The Significance of DRS System in Local Cricket

The DRS system is a game-changer in cricket as it allows teams to challenge umpiring decisions and review them through the use of technology. It ensures greater accuracy and fairness in decision-making, thereby reducing the chances of errors and controversies.

The Role of the Organizing Body and Local Public Support

The introduction of the DRS system in HPL has been made possible due to the tremendous efforts of the organizing body and the support of the local public. The organizers deserve credit for bringing such a phenomenal technology to local cricket matches in Kashmir.


The introduction of the DRS system in HPL marks a historic moment in Kashmiri cricket. It is a testament to the growing popularity of cricket in the valley and the willingness of the organizers to embrace new technologies. The chief organizer deserves a lot of appreciation for making this possible and for paving the way for technological advancements in local sports.

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