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Fostering Hope at GDC Baramulla: World Suicide Prevention Day 2023 Lecture

Fostering Hope at GDC Baramulla: World Suicide Prevention Day 2023 Lecture

In commemoration of World Suicide Prevention Day 2023, Government Degree College Baramulla’s Department of Psychology, in conjunction with the National Service Scheme (NSS) and National Cadet Corps (NCC), orchestrated a profoundly enlightening and influential lecture themed “Fostering Hope Through Action.” The gathering convened students, faculty, and community members to address the pressing matter of averting self-inflicted harm.

Dr. Nazia Amin, a luminary in the realm of psychology, took center stage as the keynote speaker. Her profound discourse explored the significance of nurturing hope through collective endeavors and the unique role each individual can undertake in suicide deterrence. Dr. Nazia elucidated the art of discerning ominous indicators, extending support, and cultivating optimism among those grappling with emotional turmoil.

The initiation of the event saw Prof. (Dr.) Mohammad Farooq, the Principal of Government Degree College Baramulla, deliver an inaugural oration. In his address, he underscored the momentous nature of World Suicide Prevention Day and commended the synergistic partnership between the Department of Psychology, NSS, and NCC in tackling this pivotal societal quandary.

Miss Mursaleen presided over the session, adroitly facilitating the discourse and captivating the audience with profound interrogatives and insights.

In bringing the lecture to a denouement, Dr. Mohd Amin Wani expressed heartfelt gratitude, extending appreciation to the attendees, the esteemed speaker, and all those who contributed to the lecture’s triumphant realization. He reiterated the institution’s unwavering commitment to nurturing a supportive and empathetic milieu for both its scholars and the wider community.

This distinctive lecture not only heightened awareness concerning the imperative issue of suicide prevention but also kindled motivation among the participants to undertake tangible measures to bolster those in need and forge a more radiant and optimistic tomorrow.

The Department of Psychology and the college administration extend their profound appreciation to all participants and attendees for their pivotal roles in rendering this event a resonating triumph. The college persists in its steadfast dedication to promulgating mental well-being, health, and suicide deterrence throughout the community.

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