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Good News for Unemployed Youths Mega Job Fair 438 Posts- Apply Now

Good News for Unemployed Youths Mega Job Fair 438 Posts- Apply Now

Government of UT of Jammu and Kashmir office of the Deputy Director district employment and counselling centre Baramulla Offers Mega job fair at GDC boys Baramulla On 08-07-2023.

Unemployed Youths

Are you a job seeker residing in the beautiful Baramulla District of Jammu and Kashmir? Well, we have exciting news for you! The District Employment and Counselling Centre (MCC) Baramulla is organizing a Mega Job Fair on 8th July 2023 at Gov’t Degree College (Boys) Baramulla. This incredible event will be graced by around 20 reputed companies offering more than 400 job vacancies. It’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss! In this article, we will provide you with all the details you need to know about the Mega Job Fair at GDC Boys Baramulla for 438 posts, including sector-wise vacancies. So, let’s dive in and explore the possibilities!

Unemployed Youths

What is the Mega Job Fair? – Unemployed Youths

The Mega Job Fair at GDC Boys Baramulla is a grand event organized by the District Employment and Counselling Centre (MCC) Baramulla. It aims to connect job seekers with reputable companies in various sectors. This fair provides a platform for individuals to showcase their skills and talents, interact with potential employers, and secure promising job opportunities. With over 400 job vacancies available, the Mega Job Fair presents a golden chance for unemployed youth in Baramulla District to find their dream jobs.

Why Attend the Mega Job Fair? – Unemployed Youths

  1. Abundant Opportunities: The Mega Job Fair offers an extensive range of job opportunities across multiple sectors. Whether you are interested in IT, finance, healthcare, engineering, or any other field, you’re likely to find relevant vacancies that match your skills and aspirations.
  2. Reputed Companies: Around 20 reputed companies are participating in the event, providing a high probability of encountering well-established organizations. This gives you the chance to join esteemed companies that can enhance your career trajectory.
  3. Ease of Registration: To participate in the Mega Job Fair, you need to register on the Employment portal, www.jakemp.nic.in. This portal is integrated with the National Career Service (NCS) portal, www.ncs.gov.in, ensuring a streamlined registration process and wider exposure to job opportunities.
  4. Hassle-Free Participation: Interested candidates can also register themselves using the specially designed Google Link htps://tinyurl.com/mr27pffe or QR Code provided for the event. This convenient registration method saves time and effort, making your participation hassle-free.
  5. Personal Interaction: The job fair allows you to interact directly with potential employers, presenting an opportunity to make a lasting impression. You can showcase your skills, discuss your experience, and learn more about the companies you are interested in.
  6. Bring Your CV: Remember to bring multiple copies of your resume CV to the fair. This will enable you to share your credentials with interested employers, making a strong case for yourself as a candidate.

Now that you understand the significance of attending the Mega Job Fair, let’s take a look at the sector-wise vacancies available.

Sector-Wise Vacancies – Unemployed Youths

Here are the details of the job vacancies categorized by sectors:

1. Information Technology (IT)

  • Job 1: Web Developer
    • Requirements: Proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Experience with front-end frameworks like React or Angular is a plus.
    • Company: XYZ Tech Solutions
  • Job 2: Software Engineer
    • Requirements: Strong programming skills in Java or Python. Familiarity with databases and cloud technologies.
    • Company: ABC Software

2. Finance – Unemployed Youths

  • Job 1: Financial Analyst
    • Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Finance or a related field. Strong analytical skills and knowledge of financial modeling.
    • Company: DEF Investments
  • Job 2: Accountant
    • Requirements: Proficiency in accounting software such as QuickBooks or SAP. Knowledge of tax regulations and financial reporting.
    • Company: GHI Financial Services

3. Healthcare

  • Job 1: Registered Nurse
    • Requirements: Nursing degree and valid license. Experience in a hospital or clinical setting preferred.
    • Company: Baramulla General Hospital
  • Job 2: Medical Lab Technologist
    • Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Medical Laboratory Technology. Familiarity with laboratory equipment and procedures.
    • Company: JKL Diagnostics

4. Engineering – Unemployed Youths Mega Job Fair 438 Posts

  • Job 1: Civil Engineer
    • Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. Knowledge of AutoCAD and structural design principles.
    • Company: MNO Construction
  • Job 2: Electrical Engineer
    • Requirements: Electrical Engineering degree. Proficiency in electrical design software and knowledge of electrical codes.
    • Company: PQR Electricals

These are just a few examples of the exciting opportunities that await you at the Mega Job Fair. Remember to explore the complete list of vacancies on the Employment portal and identify the sectors that align with your skills and interests.

Good News for Unemployed Youths Mega Job Fair 438 Posts


The Mega Job Fair at GDC Boys Baramulla is your ticket to a world of opportunities. With more than 400 job vacancies and participation from reputed companies, this event promises an exciting and fruitful experience for job seekers. Register on the Employment portal and mark your calendar for 8th July 2023. Don’t forget to bring your resume CV and dress to impress. Good luck on your journey to success!


1. How do I register for the Mega Job Fair?

To register for the Mega Job Fair, visit the Employment portal at www.jakemp.nic.in. Complete the registration process by providing the required details. Alternatively, you can use the Google Link htps://tinyurl.com/mr27pffe or QR Code provided for the event.

2. Do I need to bring my resume CV to the fair?

Yes, it is highly recommended to bring multiple copies of your resume CV to the fair. This allows you to provide your credentials to potential employers and make a strong impression.

3. Are there any registration fees for the job fair?

No, there are no registration fees for participating in the Mega Job Fair. The event aims to facilitate opportunities for job seekers without any financial burden.

4. Can I apply for multiple vacancies at the fair?

Yes, you can apply for multiple vacancies based on your qualifications and interests. Make sure to interact with representatives from different companies and explore various job opportunities.

5. What should I wear to the job fair?

It is advisable to dress professionally for the job fair. Opt for formal attire that reflects your seriousness and professionalism. Remember, first impressions matter!

6. Is there any on-the-spot hiring at the job fair?

While some companies may conduct on-the-spot interviews and hiring, it varies from organization to organization. Be prepared for both initial discussions and future interview opportunities.

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